AR Aging Template from SAP data

I am trying to make an Accounts Receivable aging report. SAP Business One is my source. I am having trouble figuring out what tables to use that can link together with the invoice numbers. Does anyone have a sample report I can look at to get me started?

Hi @michael.wescott7226

Did you check Resource Center Showcase within the portal?



You can also check Youtube, ChatGPT or any AI tool that you might use.

Also Enterprise DNA has its own Data Mentor tool.

I hope this helps

I will check it out. However, I already have a template for when I get the data. Getting the data out of SAP is where I am having the issue. The company uses SAP Business One. I have retrieved the OINV table to lookup the invoices but I need to tie them to the payment history too. Looking in the payment history tables like ORCT, ORIN, or RCT2 I can’t seem to match up the payments to the original invoice. The invoice number in OINV column DocNum doesn’t seem to exist in any of the tables and the matching DocEntry in a row does not tie to a matching row. If anyone has done an AR Aging table in PBI using SAP Business One data please shed some light on building the data model.

I don’t have any experience with that but likely have to get some help from SAP or Sap Data Admin (IT) within your company. Your Data Admin should be able to help with getting the right detail that you will need to reconcile that information. Every company that uses SAP will have a different structure and different meanings of the terms within SAP.