Apply conditional formatting to multiple columns in a Matrix or Table

I need to apply identical rules based formatting to 18 columns on at least five matrixes. Is there a way I can do this in bulk?


No current way to do it in bulk, have to go into each column and set the conditional formatting. That would make things much easier though!



I agree. This came up last week in a different context, and I thought it might be doable with Calculation Groups in Tabular Editor, but I did some research on that and it appears not to be possible (yet…)

  • Brian

Just a thought, don’t know if its even remotely applicable: if you can encapsulate all of the conditional formatting rules into one measure (if, for example, its only background colour), then perhaps this “Field Value” could be used everywhere. (So write once, use many)?


Could do it in one measure, no issue. Only thing is you still have to add that measure to each of the columns under conditional formatting.


Yup … that’s why it not exactly a “bulk” solution, but would let the rules/code just be written once.

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