App Management in power bi service

Hi Everyone,

wanted to understand the laying out of apps to wider audience.
idea is to create multiple reports and publish them to workspace. but have multiple apps with different group of audience.

Create three different power bi reports (pbix files) for Sales, finance and marketing
publish the data sets to service and share the data sets by promote and certify the data sets
create reports based on the shared data sets.
publish them to new work space
create multiple apps from same work space

Would be great if you can help in understanding this.


Think of Apps as delivering content to a particular business function OR management layer. That’s how I would imagine the grouping of your content for relevant groups.


Thanks for the response … agree with you.

But how to have an app for say example event director who need to see both sales and marketing related data.

Do you suggest to have both sales and marketing facts modelled into one pbix and build reports ? Other wise we have options to create one app from one workspace. Do we have any way to combine multiple workspaces in to one app!!.



Recently I was looking into the same thing, check this video by Ruth at Curbal:



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