Annualize measure

I want to annualize my sales. Here is what I have to get the correct total but when I select a month prior, instead of June, it causes incorrect totals due to the “VALUE(MONTH(TODAY())-1” part of the formula.

Long story short, how can I sum up my YTD sales and divide that total by the numbers of months in the YTD total, then times it by 12?

Annualized Sales =
((CALCULATE([Total Net Revenue], DATESYTD(Dates[Date])))/VALUE(MONTH(TODAY())-1))*12

What I would do here is break this out into a table and work out each part of the formula in it’s own measure.

This way you can see each part an how it is reacting to the context you have applied to it.

Even just looking at the formula here, it’s hard for me to know the exact answer because I can’t see everything that could be at play here.

Really try to break it down and use measure branching techniques to work out each part individually. This is what I do all the time.

Also do the techniques shown here give you a better idea on how to complete this as well?


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This video was exactly what I needed to get my formula to work. To finish getting my “Annualized Total”, all I did was take the YTD Monthly Avg * 12.

Thank you for everything you do for us subs.

Ok that’s great.