Analyze in Excel Performance

I have a Powerbi model imported with 2 dimensions and 1 fact table. All 3 tables have around 300k rows. The fact table has 30 columns. All in all the Powerbi file is 132 mb. Dax measures are simple sum formulas.

When I connect the Powerbi dataset to Excel, I run into performance issues. Loading just a field from a dimension into a pivot table takes 30 seconds to a minute to populate. If I add more fields to my pivot table it takes even longer. Slicers - forget about it!

I don’t understand what’s driving this. My model is small. My dax measures are light. The only thing i can think of is the 30 columns in my fact table. But I’m just using dax and dimensions and not really bringing in any of the fact tables fields into my pivot. So why is it slow?

I recently watched a video from Marco Russo where he was able to pivot in Excel a Contoso dataset with 12 Million rows with speed. It was on a pro version. We are on premium capacity.

Any ideas?

Hi @avalon.ds ,

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