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Analyse in Excel Vs Get Data > From Power BI Dataset

Hi all,

What is the difference between an Excel file connected to the Power BI Service using Analyse in Excel, and one connected using Get Data > From Power BI Dataset? I assume there has to be one because Analyse in Excel needs an add-in to be installed before it will work and, as far as I am aware, Get Data > From Power BI Dataset does not.

I am investigating ways of upgrading files created using Analyse in Excel so that they connect to the live system rather than UAT. The method I have devised is to add another connection, using Get Data > From Power BI Dataset. Once this is done the workbook has two connections, one to UAT and one to live. I can then use the pivot table Change Data Source feature to switch between the two. It’s slightly more involved for CubeValue formulas but still needs the two connections to be present in the same workbook.

This approach appears to work but I wonder if there’s some gotcha waiting for me somewhere. Security, perhaps? As it happens I am having trouble working out how to test RLS from Analyse in Excel – which I have raised a separate forum post about.

Thanks in advance

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Is this an automated response? My question did not mention or involve PBIX files.

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This topic ended up rolling in to another one. The solution came from Marco Russo:
The connection string you get it’s the same. The more recent versions of Excel (that have Get Data → From Power BI Dataset feature) already have the necessary update to OLEDB drivers that are the reason why you are asked to download a file (it’s not an add-in, just an update to the OLAP OLE DB driver).

Apologies. I’m new to this forum. I don’t yet know how to link this topic to the one with the ore complete discussion.

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