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Alternative to Top N in Filter on All Pages in Power BI

I have a requirement to apply a filter that filters on all pages in a report. The report, whenever it is refreshed should pick the new MAX/Earliest date from the Delivery column and use that to filter all pages. I am used to doing this if I was to apply it to a particular visual. There is the top N option to apply that works fine on the filter on this visual. I created a measure but measures don’t work with Filters on all Pages.

In this example, the current date for Delivery date is the 13th of June. I want that this date filters on all pages and to automatically pick up a new MAX/Earliest date when new data becomes available in the model, filtering all pages. Is there any way this is possible without having to manually change the date?
Thank you.

PreviousNcurrent.pbix (365.6 KB)

@upwardD ,

You will need to add a calculated column to the Product Data table, since Power BI does not let you do report-level filtering on a measure. The DAX below should give you the date you need, and then you can just drop this column into a report-level filter.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian

Hi @BrianJ,
Thanks for the reply.
The calculated column did not work as I needed it to be able to filter on all pages. This also seems to return every data in the table.

My requirement is to apply a filter that filters on all pages, returning only data for the current date in the model.
Thank you

@upwardD ,

Try this. I added a calculated column called Max Deliv to the dates table, using the DAX I specified above. Then created the following calculated column (measure won’t work for other than visual level filter), and dropped that into a report wide filter, set equal to 1.

Is Max Deliv =
IF( ‘Date’[Date] = ‘Date’[Max Deliv], 1, 0 )

I think this provides what you’re looking for, if not please provide a mockup of the result you are seeking.

I hope this is helpful. Full solution file attached below.


Thank you @BrianJ
I appreciate you kindly

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