Allow Table and Matrix Data Exports to Match PowerBI Visual


Hi All,

Was trying to export a matrix table with subtotals and other customisation in the power bi visual to excel but unfortunately this features seems not available. its must have in our org. please can you any one point me to alternate solutions if any !!



From the Power BI service you can export to PowerPoint by selecting file in the upper left of the page and then export to PowerPoint.

I don’t believe that export to Excel is possible.




Thanks Guy for responding but that option will give just a screenshot of page. It won’t show entire data of the matrix table.
I have tried export to PDF but that also does the same thing as ppt :frowning:


I don’t believe that it is possible but I may be miss-informed.



This is currently not available but it can be voted on in the Power BI Community at the following link




From Power BI Desktop click on the 3 dots at the top right of the matrix and then export the data to excel from there. Hope this is what your talking about.




Hi Jarrett,
That option won’t give the matrix visual as is. It will just export the data behind the visual


I did that already. Thank you. I was looking if there are any custom solutions around this


Yep. Understood.