Allocating Yearly Budgets Across Days Effectively

Hi Sam
Thanks for getting back to me.
Yes my budget (or target as I call it) has a year against it in the data model. I use this in the relationship table to link to the year in the date table. But I’m stuggling to spread that value into each day.
Does this help you understand:

Also, my relationship model:

Sorry Sam I don’t know what you mean by another thread? You want me to take this enquiry somewhere else?? Where?

Thanks for showing the model.

First thing I can see and is extremely important is your model needs to be cleaned up significantly.

If you have a model like this you will always be confused. Even I find it very difficult to understand what is going on here.

All my best practices are laid out within this course. In my opinion it’s essentially to set it up the way using my methodology.

I really feel there’s no point offering a solution as the model really needs to be fixed.

I can offer some videos to help here (but I really would like you to consider optimizing this model asap)

A big reason why this is because all of the solutions I present around budgeting are relatively straight forward due to how simple the model is. Based on this model the solutions would become unnecessarily complex.

Check out the below tutorial for how to allocate yearly budgets across days

There’s a resource to download also.