Allocating production quantities for projects to weeks

Hi Sam,

I have a requirement from an internal stakeholder to replicate a graph that he has in a spreadsheet. He needs to allocate project quantities into weeks between two dates. The basic layout of the data is:

Currently the allocation happens across the spreadsheet. The formula to do so is pretty easy (the calculated weekly qty is allocated across the number of calculated weeks from the start date week), i’m just not sure how this would be implemented in a table within Power BI. Is this a possibility? Would it be better to use measures and if so what would the approach be.

I’m not sure if I’ve provided enough information or if my image will be visible, so please let me know so i can try and explain better.
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Here’s a link where @sam.mckay worked out a solution to what looks like a very comparable problem:

This should provide a good starting point.

  • Brian

Thanks @BrianJ I’ll give it a good go :slight_smile:

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