AllExcept not ignoring the filters it should

I am trying to learn AllExcept function. As I understand my measure

Z AllExcept Oscars = CALCULATE(
[Total RunTime],
ALLEXCEPT(Film, Film[OscarWins])

should ignore all filters except for Film[OscarWins], but that is not the case and my measure is still being affected by slicers from Oscar Nominations. For example in this image the Oscar Nominations slicers is set to 11 and the measure value is 19316, but when I set the slicer to 10, the measure value changes to 18453 - as shown in the second image. According to my understanding this shouldn’t happen and the measure value should only change by the Oscar Wins slicer. Other slicers, like Genre ID and date also affect the measure value (which again, I expect no to).

The third image is that of my model. What am I missing or understanding wrong, can someone help me please. Thanks in advance!

Perfect question for data mentor

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