Aligning text values in a calculated column

User request - report layout:
Below is a screenshot of the client’s report layout request
All the attributes come from the same dimension “Expense Type”.

What I want to archieve
I want the Units column to be right aligned as in client’s requested report layout.

Graph used
I am using a matrix so I can have totals for each Category (Eg. Mass Salariale Etendue) and Sub-categories (Eg. Consommables) .

What I did
I created a new calculated column, concatenating 3 individual columns - ID (Eg.111, Label (Eg. Cadres), Unite (Eg. KXPF). I tried using the REPT function and adding spaces based on the number of characters but I cannot get the proper right alignment layout. The measures “MaxRubr”, “LenRubr”, DiffLenRubr" and “MaxDiffRubr” are all based on the column "Rubrique (Code-Libellé) Screenshot below of my current layout :

Below is the calculation I am trying to use

Has anyone come across a similar problem before?

Thanks heaps in advance

Hi Fiona,

Maybe there’s nothing wrong with your approach. Have you tried selecting a monospaced font?

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Hi @Melissa,
No but I’ll test that


Unfortunately the monospaced option did not work :frowning: Anyway I’ll keep on searching online


if you’re using the traditional Matrix visualization, what result do you get when you look at the field formatting options for that column?



NOTE: no, I’m not a kindergarten teacher tracking kid’s crayon preferences, this is part of a dashboard I use as a training tool for new report viewers, so they don’t get caught up in numbers, and instead focus on how the charts interact.

Hi @Heather
The column that I am trying to format is a calculated column from a dimension - so an attribute of the dimension. I don’t have the options in your attached screenshot as the column is not a measure.


Darn, I missed that part, sorry Fiona.

And I’m guessing it’s not possible for your calculated column to be returned via a measure, moving that over into the Values bucket of the matrix?


Hi @Heather,
Thank you hor your reply.

Yes I did try that and it showed well. However I had issues when filtering the matrix. The dimension attributes that did not have a value in the fact table were still showing.

So for now I just concatenated the values as is and explain to the user that it is technically impossible.