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This category is the closest I could find for my question.

I just attended Sam’s “Advanced DAX Combinations” series of lectures.

I have a question regarding the “How to Segment Your Data Based on Any Measure” video.

Sam uses measures to add columns to the Regions lookup table for City Sales Rank and Total Sales per City.

My questions:

  1. Wouldn’t the data in these columns become stale over time? Would the measure need to be invoked after each refresh of data?

  2. Can the same purpose be achieved by dynamically in a measure using VARs for the City Sales Rank and Total Sales per city?



John Giles

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  • Include the masked demo pbix file.

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Here are some videos that may help you masking sensitive data and create datasets and data models representative of your problem:

How To Mask Sensitive Data In Power BI

Free Power BI Resource Collection Including Dataset Builder Tool

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Hello Brian:

Are you sure you responded to the question I asked? I didn’t include a formula.

John Giles

Hi @JohnG

I reviewed the video. First of all, I think that there is a misunderstanding. Sam, didn’t use measures in the Regions lookup table, he actually used “Calculated Columns” instead. Both the “City Group” and “City Sales Rank” are calculated columns as their icons show. As he mentions through the video, this is another great technique for segmentation.

Second, you don’t need to revise the measures or calculated columns every time you refresh the data. All the measures and calculated columns in Power BI are dynamic.


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Thank You, Hossein.

Yes, “Calculated Columns”. If only I’d asked the question clearly and completely.


John Giles

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Just a point of clarification here. Measures in Power BI are fully dynamic. Calculated columns are not dynamic within the scope of a reporting session. They update only upon refresh of the report.

I think this discussion was primarily focused on the need (or not) to continually update measures and calculated columns across reporting sessions, so @sedhosen’s point is correct in that regard, but I just wanted to prevent any misunderstanding by someone reading the thread.

– Brian

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Oh…, I totally forgot that. Thank you @BrianJ for the clarification. :+1:


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John Giles