Adjusting recurrence for specific day of month

I have captured a Power BI Dax Query and incorporated that into a new scheduled flow. The flow is currently set to run on the 5th day (calendar) of the month. The reason for that is because I could not see a way of setting the flow to run on a particular day of month, like “Last Wednesday”. Is anyone aware of how I might do that? I appreciate any input that can be provided.

Hi @jwesselsvdp - How will I set this up is schedule a flow daily at a particular time. Then In next step check what is the current day using “dayOfWeek” function.

Now, check if today is Wednesday, if yes run the next steps else terminate the flow.

In case you don’t know how to set it up, then you get similar posts on Internet.

Ankit J

Thanks Ankit! I will give that a try.

Hi @jwesselsvdp

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yes, this was helpful to me. thanks again!