Adjust Matrix colour font

Hi there! I have created my own colour pallet which I included onto my PBI report following Sam’s tips.

Now, I have created a Matrix to showcases our period Sales by BU, Zone and Country. Data is displayed just as I would have liked at the highest level (BU), problem comes when drill downing data - see screenshots:

image image

It’s barely impossible to read as shown and if I turn Row headers to be Black then it’s also difficult to read due to the dark purple Background colour. Colours are corporate and as such would need to keep them. I just need to know if there’s any way I can accomplish this.


Thanks a lot

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See if you can modify the colors to improve readability in your JSON with help from this repository by David Eldersveld.

Underneath the row headers, you have another section called values. You could change the colours there in order to add more differentiation to the table for a better readability.