Adding YTG and YTD measures from different tables


I am attempting to add two measures together but no data is being returned. I have created a measure for 'YTG Forecast (sum(fcst qty) and a measure for YTD Sales (sum(sales qty).

Both of these come from a different data table (a forecast table and a sales table. I want to be able to add them together so I can see total forecast and sales for the year to compare to budget. I control the dates using slicers as shown in the picture - is this the issue? If there is a video that points me in the right direction that would be great


Ok, what I would definitely do here first to audit this is get the results into a table. Then add to that table each part of the formula.

Break it down as much as you can by seeing the results in a table, then you’ll be able to see where the issue is quite quickly.

I can be very confident it will be because of the relationship in your model, and the initial context of the calculation not filter correctly on both those formulas.

This is exactly the same process I personally go through when calculating anything in Power BI.

I would also always start with the individual formula and then branch out to the one where you combine them. Again it all comes down to better and easier auditing of your numbers.


That has turned out to be a remarkably good piece of advice ( and it should have been obvious to do it first). I think I have resolved it - my two filters could not both work together on one single measure so calculating YTD properly via DAX rather than being lazy and using slicers seems to be the fix. Many thanks.


Ok that’s great.