Adding my own company holidays from Excel table

Hello all. I have a data table query and a column specifying “weekend” or “weekday” but I also need “holiday”. This would be based on an Excel list of holidays. What is the best way to update my column to show “holiday” when the date in the holiday table matches the date in the date table?

Or…is there a better solution overall?

Many thanks! Glenn


If you’re using @Melissa’s awesome Extended Date Table, you’re 95% of the way home.

Just bring your Excel list of holiday dates into Power BI. Let’s assume that table is called Holidays, and the column of holiday dates is “Dates”.

When you’re entering the query parameters, click the “Choose Column” button, select your Holidays[Dates] column , and it will automatically create a true/false column in your date table indicating whether the date is a holiday or not.

I hope this helpful.

  • Brian

P.S. If you’ve already created the date table, you can just update the holiday column parameter manually by replacing “null” with the table and column reference (e.g., Holidays[Dates])

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Thank you Brian. This works fine!

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