Adding in further Context to a calculation

(Note my file is still too big to upload. I have tried to take extra calcs and other measure calc tables i had)

Hi All

I am grouped the Total Sales in buckets of Low, Mid, High. So if sales are <=X it is seen as either in one of these buckets. The grouping for “Low Weekly Sales” I can see is £465,413.82. Great!

The issue I have is I want to view the £465,414 number by my Customer Names.
The calculations I have done for “Low Weekly Sales”

Low Weekly Sales = CALCULATE(SUMX(
[Total Sales]>0 && [Total Sales]<=SELECTEDVALUE(‘Low Weekly Parameter’[Low Weekly Parameter])),[Total Sales]))

Please can somone kindly assist.
This part of Power BI i still find really difficult to get my head around!
If someone can give me a sample function on here and explain.

Thanks a lot !


I think i have figured this out actually.
Once i export to excel to check all number. All adds up correctly looks perfect now.