Adding Another Measure in Matrix Table

I am using Matrix Table to show the MTD returns which is fine but in place of the Column Total i would like to show figures from another Measure like “YTD Return”. Is that possible to do?
Is there any other Matrix visualization that allows me to do that?
Attaching the screenshot as below:

Hi @kuberkgupta ,

If you don’t have other options you can always add another YTD measure in matrix - in details section hide that column and in total hide MTD

To do so you need to put text wrap off:


both in values and column header.

Good luck.

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Thank you

Thanks @mspanic but i couldnt find the “Details section” where i could do as you suggested.
I have added the YTD Measure into the Matrix table but i am not able to switch off the YTD value in main table and just keep it on for the total.
Can you please help?


Under Format - > Values

and Format → Column headers at the bottom you have Text wrap options

and then just manually shrink cells that you want to hide on both sides ( YTD - in matrix details, and MTD on Total) .

One more practical tip that save my time and works for me - when I just started or when PowerBI format pane is changed I spent lost of time trying to find what I need until I discover Expand all categories options and scroll down to see all the options


Good luck.

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Thanks @mspanic !! worked for me.

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