Add total row to table

in power BI I have a table which shows:
companyName, value_1, value_2

I am unable to have a total row at the bottom of the table to show just the total for value_2
How can I do this?
please noyte the values option for the table is set to on already but no total row appears.
Thank you

Hi @arkiboys

Something like this?


When adding the values to your table, within the column well, click the arrow and choose Don’t Summarize for the value 1 column, leave value 2 to sum:

Ensure your value columns are the correct type so that they can sum.

PBIX: arkiboys values.pbix (17.5 KB)

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as you see, there is no sum option:
i had to change the text to number

Can you share your PBIX please? If your field isn’t a type that can be summed, numbers etc., then you won’t have a sum option. Make sure your field is the correct type, i.e. not text.

solved. thank you

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