Add email from outlook as attachment to new email

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I’m currently working on an app which sends an email incl. various inputs from text inputs and dropdowns. I want to add a button which allows to attach an email from outlook to the new email.

I already added a working attachment button for files as per the various instructions available, however
I was unable to find any example for my problem.

The idea would be to have a pop up opening the outlook inbox from which I then can choose an email as attachment.

I use Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2 to send my mail.

Appreciate any ideas how to achieve this.


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@Slipper - so if I’m understanding your question, you have a Power App and you want to be able to view emails in your outlook inbox. Some of those emails will have attachments and you want to be able to select a specific email (that has the attachment you want). Then - pushing a button on your Power App will create a new email and add the attachment from the other email that you selected.

If correct, while I have not personally done this - a few thoughts to try come to mind.

First - as I understand, there are two Power app functions (Getemails and GetemailsV3") that looks like it allows you to connect to your outlook and access different elements (including the Message ID, attachments, etc.).

So if you know what email you want - you could possibly build a Power Automate flow that pulls the attachment from that selected email message (perhaps using the Message ID as a way to identify which email to get the attachment from) - and then create the new email that you are wanting to send and add that attachment to the new email.

Again - I haven’t done this exact approach myself, but have to think that creating a Power Automate flow could make this work. If I get a chance later tonight - I might try and play around with this myself.


Hi @tweinzapfel ,

actually I just want to attach an email chosen from my outlook not an attachment from another email, to the new email triggered from powerapps which incl. data from different inputs.

Basically I build a screen which has various dropdowns and text input with info of purchase order details like material, tonnage etc, this email is sent to our back office for PO creation. Now I want to be able to attach e.g. a supplier confirmation received by mail to this email sent by Power Apps which has all the require info in a nice standardized format.

Thanks for you help!

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