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Add a Excel file as a source to a Report already with a PBI Data Set

Hello, i need to add a Excel file as a source to a report that already uses one PBI data source . I have several questions:

  • the best way to do this is to publish the file to PBI Service, right? I’ve done it and PBI automatically also creates it as a datasource - so far so good.

  • shouldn’t this data source appear as such automatically on Power BI Desktop option PBI data sets? if it doesn’t appear should it be a matter of permissions?

  • can i add this 2nd data set to the report? Do i have to use that preview option: Directquery for Power BI datasets and AS?


Hi @lrmmf, thanks for posting your query.

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Hello, lrmmf,

If I’m understanding your situation correctly, you have created a Power BI report in the Power BI Desktop client, published it to the Power BI Service, and now want to add an Excel file as a second data source in that existing report. Correct?

Here’s how I would approach it:

  • Open the original pbix file in Power BI Desktop
  • Click Excel workbook (or Get data → Excel workbook) in the ribbon, configure the Excel file you want to add, and do any data transformations you might need to do on the data imported from the new Excel file. You’ll now have two queries, the original one and the new one.
  • Click Close and apply to close the Power Query window and return to your report canvas. You’ll now have both of the tables available to you in the Fields list so you can use them in your visuals.
  • If you need to relate the two tables together using a common data element, you can do so by clicking on the Model icon at the very left of the report window.
  • Add or modify visuals on your report using the fields from the newly-added Excel file.
  • Once you are done, click Publish to re-publish the now-updated report to the Power BI Service.
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