Actuals vs Budget



Three questions:
a) Should I try to order the actuals and budget tabels so they look the same and than merge them, or is it best to keep them separate?

b) I see in the video “setting up complex videos” that you make a new table for countries. But you have made the budget from the actuals, so you will have the same countries both places. But what if we have budgeted with a country that don’t exist in the actuals, what will happend then? How should I do to create a tabel that I am sure containing all countries from both actuals and budget?

c) I have my actuals and budget data on a monthly level. Can I then use the date tabel on a monthly level if I, as with the countries example above, create a new table so it only contains the value/name (month) one time?


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Hi Hans,

You can do either but I would leave as is and look to work around them.

Budgeting techniques can sometimes be quite difficult due to the different granularities of the data. You need to get the model AND DAX measures correct to make it all work.

There are many tutorials available that cover many scenarios.

Have you gone through the list in this course module? They are all in here.

Also here’s a really good workshop to review

This one was all about budgeting and matching different datasets like your scenario

Hopefully these can assist with what you need.

For c) Yes you can create another table of months with unique values.

Check out this tutorial here for an example of that