Actuals and Budget



Two questions:
I have a budget file and a actuals file. Sometimes it can be client name in actuals and not in Budget (and the other way around). How should I do make a column/table containing all clients name? And also only One time.

My actuals is containg time as 201803 as 2018 March. It can connect to the date table provided here at DNA. But if I want to sum sales per year it does not work. Why? Do I have to split it out per day or should it work even if my lowest level is per month?

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Hi Hans,

Budgeting can sometimes be quite difficult as there’s a number of things you need to get right in the model and with DAX formulas.

Firstly have you review all of the specific budgeting videos in this unique budgeting mini series module?

Also I would likely need to see a bit more around the data and model to really offer good advice here as there are so many variables to get this working well.

I want to direct you to some other example here which should assist here

Check out this video around TREATAS. This is a really important topic around virtual relationships which to me looks like what you need.

Another example of what you need is around budget allocations. This is a crucial topic around budgeting.

Check out this video here for monthly allocations, which I think you mentioned that you needed.

All of these ideas and videos combined should put you in a good spot.

If still can’t find solution, add as many images around the data model and data as possible.