Actual sales to TODAY + Budget after TODAY

Hi @BrianJ
Have studie both of your videos

Date Harvest Deep Dive - Power BI Time Intelligence

Using The Extended Date Table - ISAFTERTODAY

It is very usefull. Many thank you.

I solved - Pre slices Actual Sale + Actual sale inside the Slice date as accumulated.
I’am struckling with above + Budget (Forecast) as accumulated.
I can’t accumulate budget on top on Actual Sale.

In video: Using The Extended Date Table - ISAFTERTODAY on minut 10:19 there is a measure

IF (
SELECTEDVALUE ( dates[IsAfterToday] ) = TRUE;
[Carryover] + FCastCumul;

Is it possible you can share the PBIX file, so I can see what’s inside [Carryover]

[Carryover] has not been explaned in the videos.

Hope you can help.

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Thanks very much for the input - really glad to hear that you’re finding the videos helpful.

I’ve attached the PBIX file below, and am looping in @EnterpriseDNA, so that they can add the PBIX to the course entry permanently.

Video 3 - IsAfterToday.pbix (3.1 MB)

The Carryover scenario I used in this video is a simplified version of a fascinating question that got asked on the forum early this year. Here’s the relevant thread if you’re interested:

I hope this is helpful. Please give a shout if you have any other questions.

  • Brian

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