Accounts activated but with no sales registered


No worries, I’ll resend it :slight_smile:



Hello Lucia,

I have sent you the pbix file with a new Measures Table called “New Measures” there you can see the new measures I created for the filters.

I used a cummulative totals filtering the dates table, a logic function with 1 and 0 if the cummulative is BLANK() and a sumx to get the total of customers without sales.

I put 1 table for validation that has the customer ID from customer data and Customer ID from sales, that way I could see which are the clients ID that got no information on them. You will see the net sales is blank on them.

I left the original table with the original measures and the new measures table.

As you will see in the new table measures there is no amount from sales no matter the filters you apply from the date table.

Let me know if you received the file.


Hi Jorge,

I received the file and everything looks perfect but now I have a problem … the sales table only contains the sales from 01/01/2016 while many customer accounts that are included in the Customer data table were activated many years before 2016. Is there any way we can do this calculation excluding those customer accounts from the customer data table that were activated before 01/01/2016?



Hi Lucia,

Try this new measure:

Count Customers after 01/01/2016 =

CALCULATE([Sum of Count clients no sales],
FILTER(‘Customer Data’,
‘Customer Data’[Activation Date]>=DATE(2016,1,1)))

I think that’s what you are looking for, let me know if that’s what you needed.


Jorge Galindo


Hi Jorge,

Yes, that’s what I needed. Thank you so much for your help!



Hi Lucia,

Glad I could help you. And if you need something else, use our forum we are here to support you.

Best regards,

Jorge Galindo