Accessing PI Table from Excel

I am a newbie to Power BI.

I have a query in PBI that produces a table. i want to know how I can use that table in Excel to use in a complex Decision-making solution.

I have tried to find the answer on the web and the Forum.

Do I open a new workbook in Excel and then connect to the table … if so how.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction or referring me to other resources.


Hi @AllisterB

You can connect to your source in excel as well as you do in Power BI. This feature is available in excel as well.

You can refer to course on edx on Power BI by Microsoft. There are few tips on your requirement.

Ankit Kukreja

Thank you for this

Do I copy the Query from PBI into my workbook or do I create it in PQ in Excel

Please note Query connects to the Source via Web Services. the other option is ODBC and this is slow/unreliable.

Please advise

Thank You

Alternatively you can use the Analyze in Excel option in the Power BI Service to connect to your Model.

There’s also a new feature but it’s not GA, called Featured Table at this time I believe it’s only available if you’re on a O365 E5 subscription.

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Thank YOu

That looks helpful - I’ll have a go at that