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Access to Xero Model/Template

Hello, where can one access the Xero models as per this video?



Data Nucleus is a service you can access / subscribe to hear.

@BrianJ might be able to advise you further.




Per Adam’s message, this is not a system I’m knowledgeable about, but I know @Harsh is, so I’m looping him in here.

  • Brian

Hello @BrianJ,

Thank You for looping me in here and giving me an opportunity to address this. Well this similar query was asked previously as well.

The thing is by performing the same steps as suggested into the link provided below I’m able to login successfully without having any issues or problems.

I’m presuming that @Juju has subscribed to the data nuclues XERO connector and is facing the technical glitch and therefore looping in here @EnterpriseDNA team so that they can guide the member to successfully login into the system and establish a connection with the connector.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

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Thanks all, I am not connected fine, not sure what the problem was. @Harsh in the video you linked above, how to build a Xero model - Sam mentions a template for the Xero model is supplied, how do i find this PBIX file? Thanks again!

@Harsh @EnterpriseDNA just to confirm, i have connected with PBI with the data warehouse and successfully imported the data, however, just looking for some guidance on making the relationships as what i am seeing is very different from that in the video - my understanding was that by subscribing to Data Nucleus there would be a model template to use as a base. Please let me know if this is incorrect.

Hello @Juju,

@EnterpriseDNA team can provide update on this whether PBIX file is updated for XERO onto the Data Nucleus platforum.

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Hello @EnterpriseDNA and @Harsh, just following up on this, how can I access the Xero template model as shown in the Youtube video please? I am fully subscribed Datanucleus. Thanks

Hi @Juju,

With regard to the Xero template requested, we can send you the file via email.

However, you will need your Data Nucleus details (database details etc from within the app) to change the data source within the Power BI reporting file.

Currently, the data is just random, and you need to make sure your own data is connected to the template.

There are tutorial videos that you can watch on using the Data Nucleus. You may view them here: Data Nucleus

Enterprise DNA Team

Thanks @BrianJ and @Harsh for looping us in

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Great thanks, that would be much appreciated, can you see my email from my EDNA profile or should i email someone direct? Cheers for the video link as well.

Much appreciated all,


Thanks @EnterpriseDNA team, @BrianJ and @Harsh for all your help. Please let me know how I should provide you with my email address, it would be great if I could hook into the model this weekend please, looking forward to it after a couple of weeks wait!!


If you email it to me at, I’ll make sure it gets routed to the right people and we get you the template ASAP.

– Brian

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Thank you very much!


i was just wondering if i could grab a copy of this template as well, i know its been a while since this post so no drama its it’s still not around.