Access to Content on Old Site

When I signed up to Enterprise DNA it was for a lifetime.

Now I can’t access anything.

Can someone please tell me the URL of the old platform or have they closed that down as well.

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Hi @kellysolutions ,

Apologies for the confusion. We can see that you have availed of a lifetime membership to the Enterprise DNA Membership platform. Your account is and will always be active in that platform. Here’s the link where you can log in and access the contents and courses as well as resources that came with your membership:

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Enterprise DNA Team


Thank you. Just to clarify.

When you say I have availed of LifeTime Membership of Enterprise DNA, why can’t I access the content on the new platform?

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Hi @kellysolutions ,
There are three different product offerings in EDNA: (1) The Membership platform, which used to offer lifetime membership, is accessible via (2) The one you are trying to access is the On-Demand platform, which requires a different subscription and is accessible via (3) Our recently launched platform, Data Mentor, is accessible through and also requires a different subscription.

We hope this clarifies things. Thank you.

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Enterprise DNA Team

I am not sure that was quite what EDNA was suggesting when launching the original offering.

Thank you

Hi @kellysolutions ,

Thanks for bringing this up! We get where you’re coming from with the access question. Our original lifetime membership was all about the Enterprise DNA Membership platform, and that’s still going strong for you.

As we’ve grown, we’ve added new stuff like Enterprise DNA On-Demand and Enterprise DNA Data Mentor. These are separate from the original membership and need their own subscription, kind of like how a Netflix subscription doesn’t cover Hulu.

Your lifetime access to the platform you signed up for is totally secure, but the new platforms are a bit different and aren’t covered under the old plan. Hope that clears things up! If you’re keen on checking out the new platforms, we’re here to help you get started.

We can even get you a month-long access to Data Mentor to experience how it is, and that month long access is totally free as we do truly value you being part of our community.


Enterprise DNA Team

Totally agree. Disgraceful, in my opinion. We weren’t to know how the site and content would change when we signed up for lifetime back then. I get the business need for more money as they pivoted, but I think it is very, very bad form to cut us out like that. I mean, what level is higher than ‘lifetime’?!

Enterprise DNA has evolved immensely over the last few years.

We now have multiple products and are going to continue to grow our product suite over time.

We have written a significant amount of notifications, blogs and emails about this switch. We made the change almost 2 years ago now.

We decided to evolve into a new company, making significant investments along the way that required a new business model to what we had before which was just a few video courses from me.

Everything we have built in the last 2 years has cost a significant amount of money and we aren’t stopping here. We have huge plans for even greater investment.

Your course access never changed and you still have lifetime access to this at - (this include over 40 courses still! and much much more)

As a business, I could have very easily left Enterprise DNA as it was, set up a new brand name and done exactly what we’ve done but under a different name.

A big majority of our users were happy with the explanation I gave at the time. Whilst I understand some have not been happy sometimes you just have to make the hard calls.

My question to you is what is going to make you happy, what is going to make you feel like you are getting everything that you thought you were buying even though you still have access to everything you purchased? Do you really want free access to absolutely every piece of tech Enterprise DNA builds till the end of time??

I’m open to suggestions. I truly am, so please write them below.

We have big costs on our new platform. We’ve built a new LMS system from scratch which is very expensive, whereas our old platform costs $100 per month to run the technology side. We’re building new technology and new software. We’re now getting into AI. Where have evolved into something completely different like I originally said about 2 years ago when we communicated this change.

I want a solution to this though as we are as a business going to completely stop responding to queries like this very soon.

I am open and listening.

Sam I simply did not realise how much time had passed since you posted this. I have been meaning to reply, but so many thngs got in the way.

In fairness to you I never really expected my fee to be a one time payment, I knew that sooner or later someting would change. You cannot live on air and good wishes alone.

One thing you can do - can you put alink tot h old site on the new one please.
That way I only ever need to go to one location to start looking for all the content.

Thank you.

Hi @SamMcKay!

Appreciate the response on this matter :slight_smile:

I understand the need for business expansion. However, as a lifetime account holder, it feels a bit disappointing if the course curriculum stops updating all together.

We don’t require access to the new platform’s features or additional perks like the data mentor etc. However, could you ensure that the course library remains somewhat up-to-date, as that was the impression given with initial lifetime deal?