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Access Controls by Tab

Hi Everyone,

My organization has ~75-80 managers, each of whom have a monthly scorecard produced in Power BI. Currently, these scorecards are in a single report with each tab being for a specific manager. We then export each tab manually and send them out via PDF.

Is there a way to set access/permission controls by tab so that the managers can just log into PBI Online and see the tab/information specific to them?

If not, has anyone experienced a similar issue, with a successful resolution? I’m open to any and every idea. Thank you in advance!!


Hi ,

As per my knowledge there is no such thing which can hide and unhide the tab based on a condition .

After reading your problem statement I think you can go for RLS if report is same for everyone just there data is different



Dear Mr.Daniel

We had similar requirement for which we have created ‘roles’ in PowerBI desktop and using row level security, attached persons to the respectie role in powerbi service, by which they can view only the data relevant to them.

S Uma


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Thank you all for your help. I will definitely look into the row level security permissions.