Abtrac Application to Power BI

Hi. We have a potential client which uses the Abtrac application. Its a project management software and they’d like to create reports and dashboards in Power BI using the data from Abtrac.

Does anyone here have experience with integrating Abtrac with Power BI?

Thank you!

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Hi @baymaxx,
As I have been able to read on the Abtrac software website, ( Answers to all your questions | Abtrac, it is a cloud application and uses the Microsoft SQL Server Azure database.
To obtain the data, it indicates that it is possible to export the csv format, but I have made a query to see if it is possible to obtain the data through queries to the database or using an API. Let’s see what they respond.

Hi @baymaxx ,
I share the response received from Abtract.
I haven’t found any information about the API so you would have to contact them.


Thank you @jafernandezpuga ! I appreciate the help and for reaching out to Abtrac. This is really a good starting point for me.

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