ABC Classification Multiplier for Service Level Z Score


I’m utilizing the dynamic ABC Classification formula, I’m trying to return a value based on a slicer selection for each class. I have a list of Finished Good Items and I need to assign a Z Score Factor which is based on a service level from a defined table. The service level is set from a slicer, I have a slicer for each class (A, B & C service level). How do I go about getting the correct Factor on each row based on the items ABC Classification?
I’m ultimately trying to calculate re-order points from Safety Stock and Days of Supply based on the Items ABC Classification

I tried using Switch and was able to get it close, but the total on the bottom was always incorrect.


Hi Seth,

Looks like a really interesting scenario you’re working on.

Possible to add the actual formula you’re using?

Much easier to understand it all. If you can add the file to test that would be beneficial as well. (or an example if fine)

There’s a bit to this one.