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A simple solution to get one value

I’m looking for a solution to get one value from the user.

My goal is to provide e.g. a form in ms forms and to read data from it in power bi. Do you know any other simple method? If not, how do you get the data from ms forms to power bi? I can’t do it in dashboard only in power bi desktop because I have other data there too.

Hi @Harris,

Okay so there are limited ways to interact with the datamodel. The most simple one would be a What if parameter, where you set the boundaries and the user can select a value.

But if that doesn’t cover your needs you are down to either Forms or Power Apps in combination with a Streaming dataset.

You can find some links in this thread.

I hope this is helpful

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Hi @Harris,

You could export the MS Forms results to Excel and connect to the Excel sheet from PBI Desktop.

Hope it helps.


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