A Play Axis Visual showing the achievement by Date

I have, students achieved, scores by date and time stamp (Mid Exam, Final, Quizzes, Assignment Assessment etc.). I think it might be useful to find the reason[s] that when the student got lazy and left behind by his class mates. A good visual may help (alike Bubble Chart with play axis or race type visual).
For this purpose I have reasonable data model

At now, All these Dimension tables are connected with student roll number key. In fact table I have no date keys. Final%20Result%20Table

There is also Date Table but currently is not connected with Final Result Table. It was previously connected with Attendance Table.

Is it possible to do it easily?
Should I have Date Key[s] in Fact Table?
Any other possible scenario?

Hi @Tanzeel,

If you don’t have any date in fact table, you might need to check following things in case you have some sort of date in dimension table for analysis:

  1. Bring that datekey as calculated column in fact table and connect with date table for analysis.

  2. Connect date table with that dimension table through that date key. So, your model can be like date—>dim—>fact … In this case, filter will flow from date table to fact table through dim.

But in all the cases, analysis will be basically from the date that you will join with Datekey.

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@hafizsultan. Thanks

I did the same but experimentation couldn’t be succeeded. Perhaps, I couldn’t meet the requirement of the visual. I used the scatter chart for this purpose.


If you haven’t already seen this, take a look at this blog/video:


I think this would be a really eye-catching and effective presentation of your data, and the “decaying” points would help identify exactly when a student began falling behind.

See what you think…

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