A good visual to show "less" is better

Hi, I am looking for a visual that is suitable to display where “less” is better.


Above are 2 visuals in my report. Currently both KPIs are done with “dial” visual.

1st KPI “Completed Draw” is the # of draws done by phlebotomist. We want this # to be as “high” as possible.
I think in this case, dial visual works.
2nd KPI “Remaining Patients” is the # of patients left or still need to get to. We want this # to as “low” as possible. 0 will be the best. In this case, dial visual is not suitable for this KPI.

I can always change this KPI to just a plain “card” visual. I had been looking in MarketPlace and not yet find one that really a good fit. If anyone of you know a custom visual that is a good fit, please let me know. I don’t mind to buy the visual even from a 3rd party vendor.

Thanks much!


What about something like this? (Brick Chart by MAQ)


Thanks Brian, this is great. thanks for sharing. let me share this with the product manager. :slight_smile: have a wonderful day!


Thanks - glad that was helpful. Good luck with the project.