Year-Over-Year Variance Buckets

I have a basic revenue table and date table. First, I created 3 measures - Revenue, Prior Year Revenue, and Variance. Then I created another measure called Bucket as follows:

Bucket =
VAR _Exclude = ([Revenue]=BLANK()||[Revenue]=0) && ([Revenue PY]=BLANK()||[Revenue PY]=0)
VAR _New = [Variance]>0 && [Revenue PY]=0
VAR _Churn = [Variance]<0 && [Revenue]=0
VAR _No_Change = [Revenue]=[Revenue PY]
VAR _Growth = [Variance]>0 && [Revenue PY]<>0
VAR _Decline = [Variance]<0 && [Revenue]<>0

_New,“New Labels/Products”,
_No_Change,“No Change”,

Up to this point, my goal was to use this Bucket in a matrix visual row so that I can see the total for each bucket and expanding a bucket would show me the customers.

The issue I have is that I couldn’t put a measure in the row section of a matrix visual.

I would appreciate very much if someone can point me to the right direction. The goal is to categorize year-over-year variance into buckets and use the bucket as the first field in the row section of a matrix visual.

The granularity of my revenue table is at the product/month/customer level. A customer can have multiple products in a month.

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Probably going to need to see more images of the exact scenario and also a pbix file with the whole scenario it.