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Which Charts to use for these Visuals

Hi I am looking for advice or guidance on how to build these visuals in Power BI. These are created in Excel and presented to our team whether we can match these or suggest equivalent and effective visuals in Power BI.

Please help by sharing your insights and experiences


Benefits vs Resource


Here’s what I would use for each of the listed visuals:

  1. Snag_160b76af

  2. Snag_160bc56b

  3. Snag_160c4828

For the scatter chart, MAQ has a nice custom four quad scatter plot that you might also want to take a look at, if the standard scatterplot doesn’t get you everything you need.

I hope this is helpful.

  • Brian
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Hey @BrianJ,
Thank you for your suggestions !
I have few follow up questions on visuals and how can I plot the data on to these.

  1. So I need to display 3 different measures against one Calculated Column which will have benefit as 0 or <100m or >100M I am not getting this visual effectively as you can see the Measures are of different numbers.

Please advise

  1. How can I display Year in the axis using Clustered Bar Chart because it doesnt have shared axis. The only visual that shared axis in Power BI is Line and Clustered Column Chart. I need to display the number of Resources each project has used on shared axis Year dimension


Can you please post your current PBIX file so that I can play around with some potential solution ideas/alternatives for your remaining questions?


  • Brian

@BrianJ ,
thank you for your extended support !
You can find the Visuals PPT & PBIX below and I have tried the quadrant chart as per your suggestion but it doesnt drill down from Project view to Year or Quarter as effectively as native visual does.

EPMO Import.pbix (1.4 MB) Business Visuals.pptx (55.4 KB)


In each case, it looks like you need one additional dimension beyond what the native visuals provide. These two custom visuals provide that:

See what you think - both offer full functionality for free.

  • Brian

@Archer for your question 3:
you can use legend to put your year over there rest you can put shared axis. Kindly Refer Below imgae

for scatter plot you can try this . custom viz

Thank You @BrianJ @Archer

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