Where is the new user tutorial?


just thought I’d work my way through some of the badges, wondering where the New User Tutorial is located?



I don’t know if you can activate it on command, I think that badge was earned from following prompts by the bot when I first started in the forum - activities such as “like this post” or “reply”

the prompts appeared in the top menu, as if they were replies to posts I had made (I think the only post I had made at that point was in the welcome thread)

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Hi @DavieJoe, that’s a great goal to work on. For the New User tutorial, you can go to our Forum Guides section. To discover questions to answer in the Forum, you may go the Enterprise DNA Learning Guide. There are tutorial videos in the site and one of which is [how to answer unsolved questions in the Forum.](

Enterprise DNA Learning Map

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Love the Learning Map, looks very cool (and informative too :wink: )

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