What would the ultimate virtual Power BI training event look like?

I want to create more valuable virtual training events through Enterprise DNA TV like the Masterclass we are running.

I’m looking to crowd source ideas on what would be the ultimate event.

Let me know what you think?

Please consider this has to be scalable and suit all members and users of Power BI around the world.

What I could think of is having training events for different industries, i.e. tech, manufacturing, e-commerce, etc. Each industry will have different ways to utilize data and problem statements.

This way you can show how Power BI can be applied to most industries.

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I would like to see something in Inventory control that uses Visio in a manufacturing/warehouse setting.

How to setup, connect and evaluate what is in stock.


Yes I certainly like this idea. It’s just a matter of how time intensive it is to customize training for each different sector.

It is certainly been something I’ve been considering for some time. Just a matter of how to execute efficiently on it.


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Ok Guy, I appreciate the thought. The only thing with this is so niche. I’m looking for ideas on a virtual event that 1000s would come to.

Ideas I’ve currently got are Business Function and Industry related. How can we tackle many different scenarios all in the one event.

Something that every Power BI user in the world would be interested in attending…


My take is actually the reverse, I would rather focus on things that are general in nature - how to build a dashboard that is informative at the managerial level, but broad enough for the CEO (and other C-level) people to get insights.

Or, handling row level security settings that allow for managers to see multiple employees while single employees only see themselves.

Or, just plain good data governance tips.

I think rather than going industry specific, it’s better to look just how to build a solid report. SUMX works the same way if I’m reporting on Warehouse Inventory levels or Sales Totals

Just my 2cents :slight_smile:

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@Heather I agree with one item in particular you mentioned

Row Level Security would be great. I’ve tried setting it up in the past but things just don’t work correct.

We needs Sam’s touch on it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Heather,

I agree with your thoughts and concur with it, it would be great to cover the topics you have covered which are going to be the ones more and more users are going to face day in day out. I also like the idea of row level security, this is exactly the situation i am facing now. Some detailed basic nuanced day to day situations we all encounter. I second and propose that. In addition, i would like to see content on some advanced WHAT IF with multiple conditional scenarios that is not universal slicer but slicer with varying impacts that will be applicable to various contexts ( Country, Product, Brands).


Ok yes all good point here.

Something to think about.

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Hey Sam
I don’t know about you all, but for me, the most important table is the calendar table. I’ve seen it made from power query (lately) and from DAX also.
I think it would be good to let us know the difference between them, but also very important, all the columns that we need to create, how and why, for the use of all tables, with offsets and sort columns etc.
I’ve seen many on youtube, but so far, there’s no one told us what’s the best and why. I would love to have a calendar table, DNA way.