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What-if analysis in Direct Query

Hi Sam/all,

Do you have case whereby we create some “What-if” analysis, but it is under Direct Query mode ?
In my understanding now, when we start “What-if” parameter, they will create a new table to generate the series, this resulting Power BI auto switch to Mixed mode.

However I’m not allowed to do so.

Thanks in advance.

Yes this would be difficult to do with direct query.

You can though create hybrid models now though. Which allows for some modelling along with direct querying.

Checkout the below for some details on this and explore the possibilities

They called them composite modes

Hi Sam,

Yes, agree with you. The composite will help, although not at the moment at my company. We need to strictly use Direct Query. Just for the record, our ERP is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and for Power BI Embedded, it needs to be on Direct Query only.

However it’s nice to know that and many thanks for the information.
Btw, for the What-If, I’m sorry I think I overrated it, I supposed the solution is simple, just bring some simple table for the “GenerateSeries” (Range), it will works doesn’t it ?

If I’m not misunderstood the logic of What-if analysis, is that Power BI will create a table range for “factoring” so we can use it in our Measure, am I right to say that ?


The problem with direct query is that you can’t model the data. So I’m not sure that you can create a table using the GENERATESERIES function.

Then your other problem with direct query is you can’t really create DAX formula. So you can’t actually integrate the what if parameters into your formulas.

In summary direct query mode is very restrictive and doesn’t really give you that much flexibility around what can Be achieved from an analytical perspective with Power BI.