We're introducing a new Learning Map for our platform...What do you think?

We’ve been looking to visualize a standard learning map for our education platform.

This below is our first draft.

Let us know what you think so we can keep improving it!

Any feedback is appreciated within this thread.



There’s some new courses planned for this year as well that you might find on the timeline also.

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I really like the concept and the overall look of this, but suggest staggering the graphics a bit more vertically so that you can blow each of them up a bit and make them easier to read.

  • Brian

I absolutely love the idea of a Learning Map. Will it be possible to access the courses directly trough the map, like a Navigation page?

A bit worried though that the only course on Data Modelling is midway the Intermediate level. I always try to emphasize that you should only start writing DAX after the Model is setup correctly, not before…


Great idea, I agree with Brian, readibility could be improved.

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Great point by @Melissa. Specifically, with regard to her comment, I would rename the “Advanced Data Transformations and Modeling” course (perhaps just removing the “Advanced” or replacing it with “Foundational”) and put it second on the map, right after the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI.

  • Brian


What about separating the map into 3 different pages: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced with a link between each of them

That would eliminate the readability issues as things would have more room.



Hi Sam, I like it a lot. Helps me to understand the right order to follow on my journey to the EDNA certification. That was one of the main issues I had is not knowing the order of the learning path. Thanks for sharing. Regards Arno

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Thanks all for your great points.

It’s a work in progress.

We will look to work on all these suggestions to improve it.


I believe you can already navigate to the course by clicking on the ‘LEARN MORE’ tear drop.

But I agree it’s not super obvious.

Yep great point. Will see what we can do

Hi Sam,
Great idea! I was looking for a way to step back into my learning proces!
This map would guide me and provide insights into the overwhelming amount of courses, workshops etc.
So please continue to realize this.
Furthermore I agree with the allready made remarks above.


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Hi Sam. This is great. It would be really helpful to know the duration of each course to plan study sessions. Also, do you suggest only doing Certification at the end or would it work to try the different levels of certification after each stage.