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Weighted Average and Dynamic Indexing

Hi all,

I was wondering if any one can help me with a couple of DAX formula.

The first is weighted average - from doing some reading I see Sumx being floated as a way to do this.
My model is attached, which is just current base calculations is attached . Effectively I want to be able to calculate the weighted average Price to Book with filters on. The current formula I have seems to work when all the securities are selected but when I use the slicer the P/B add together cumulatively rather than give me a filtered W.A.

The second one is dynamic indexing:
I generally like to index different securities or FX pairs to 100 at a point in time. So in excelCapital Markets Report.pbix (3.7 MB) I would have the current value divided by the first value *100. In the slicer I want to be able to change the date and for the first date of the index to adjust to the first date in a slicer. Does anyone know how to do this?

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hi i attached the full model. Not sure what else is needed for you to see the data I am working on

Hi Ronan

It seems your S&P500 table has several problems, particularly there are some repeated entries. My advice would be that you fix it using Power Query. I created a distinct table called SP500 but still observe some errors.

Anyway, I computed the weighted average in the following way:

New Weighted Average =
VAR MarketCapVar =
VALUES ( SP500[Identifier] ),
@Mkt”, [Sum of Market Cap],
“BPR”, [P/B to Market Cap]
DIVIDE ( [@Mkt], MarketCapVar ) * [BPR]

It would be easier if your S&P500 didn’t have those problems.



Thanks @diego,

I really appreciate your insight. Yes there was some errors alright, I think I may have fixed most of them but given the data sourcing it is hard.

Let me look at this formula and come back to you.

Thanks so much

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