Visualization - Imports



Does anyone know why the custom visualizations I import do not carry over after I close Power BI? I have to import them over and over. Thanks


This shouldn’t be the case.

I believe there was a bug where sometimes you would open you report and the colours would revert back to the standard one, but all you have to do is click on another page and then back again and it fixes it.

Give that a go.


Sorry, what do you mean colors?


I’m sorry my apologies, I thought a read colours. Reading too fast.

Can you give a few more details about which visualisations specifically?

I haven’t seen or read this and if it truly was a problem it would be a big one and the chatter would light up about it I would say.

Maybe some images also showing what’s happening. Thanks


I will try and write them down. However, what I see happening is that I will import a custom visualization from the Power BI store, use the viz, save my work and close out of Power BI. When I go back, the custom viz is no longer there.

I guess a follow up question would be, are the custom viz we add on a per project level? Meaning they do not get saved in the default Power BI list of visualizations?

I hope that made sense, apologies for the long post.


They should just remain within your desktop file once you bring them in.

This is surprising if it is happening. I haven’t seen or heard of before. Maybe it’s a very recent bug.

Are you using the latest version at all. Maybe just try that first if you haven’t.



I believe they are on a per project basis if I am understanding you correctly.
E.G you create a desktop PowerBI File containing various reports and import a custom visual then they will be in that report. If you create another (new) PowerBI file then you will have to import them again. They do not stay imported as a default.

each desktop file requires a new import. each report in a desktop file does not need a new import.

If i am understanding correctly?


Robert is correct. Custom visuals are only unique to the desktop file you use them. They don’t carry over across all files after you download them for just one.


Oh, ok. Thank you so much. Now I understand.