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Visualisation won't filter Table

Hi Everyone, I have spent all day trying to find a solution to this. Hope someone can help!

I have attached a very simple version of my model with sensitive client names etc removed. What I am trying to do is have a list of clients with a credit balance in a table along with their latest purchase date. I have done this and it’s working fine. Next I want a visualisation in this case a donut, but it could be anything showing the total value of credit balances in 3 different groups.

  1. Total credit balance value for clients that have made a purchase within last year
  2. Total credit balance value for clients that have made a purchase over a year ago
  3. Total credit balance value for clients that haven’t made a purchase at all

I have created all these measures and the donut is showing correctly. My issue is when I click on a segment of the donut, the corresponding table doesn’t filter to show only clients in that group. Not sure where I have gone wrong. Any help appreciated. Pbix file attached.

Thank You!!

Test Model - Visual Filtering.pbix (432.0 KB)

Hello @Irene ,

The reason why dount chart is not filtering the corresponding table because it is not able to pass on the filter to the table. Thing is you have created 3 calculation and you want to filter table based on these calculation.
This will not happen but if you try to filter the dount by selecting a row in your table it will filter. Reason is the calculations you have made is bound to client. Hence if client is filtered it will filter all the measure related to the client.
The way you can resolve this scenario is by using a technique called segmenting/banding. Sam has made a wonderful video explaining segmenting/banding. Just go through it and I am sure you will be able to resolve it on your own. However, if you still not able to resolve it i will help you in creating the groups for you.



I have watched this through and it did the trick. Thank You!!

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