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Vendor data unavailable in API

Hi there,

Some of my required data is not available via the API. What are the different ways of gaining access to this data for reporting in Power BI? Some are suggesting report exports in the form of csv/Excel files, but there has to be a better way?

Thank you!

it’s all dependent on where your data is located, and how you are able to access it.

  • If it’s in another database, can you access that directly or via a gateway?
  • You mention using an API (I assume to access your other data) - have you investigated if there might be another API to get to vendor data?

There are times that the only way for me to get some data into PowerBI is via some other storage method such as:

  • Excel - to have the current quota data for my sales team (our ERP does not store that)
  • CSV - weekly exports from our CRM program which does not allow easy connection to PowerBI
  • Sharepoint - project lists and details from our design team
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