Values change when I add/remove detailed category column to table visual?


I am previewing my data in the Table visual. I cannot understand why the summary data is different then the detail.

My table looks like:

Group Year Value
A 2019 $10
B 2019 $15
A 2020 $12
B 2020 $8
C 2020 $5

When I remove the Group variable my table becomes:

Year Value
2019 $25
2020 $30

I cannot understand why my 2020 summary values are MORE THAN the individual components for the same exact measures. Any ideas?

Thanks much.


Send us some more info on what the exact measure looks like, and maybe even a copy of the PBIX file so we figure out what is causing the data to appear this way.


Thanks for your response. I thought this was a separate issue, but now believe it is linked to other issues I am facing and possibly the fact that I am using the hierarchy slicer which is filtering my measure in some way I don’t understand. To avoid duplicative communication, I am following up in a different threat which I will try to link here. Kind regards.

PS: I can’t figure out how to link the thread, but it is titled “Modeling increase by group and year”.