Using Advanced Calculate (course)


As I’ve been learning DAX I have found CALCULATE is such an important DAX function to really understand well to get any business value (reporting and scenario) It would be interesting to understand using CALCULATE with multiple other dax functions inside of it not only just ALL.
But maybe
(Anything else)
Usng Virtual Tables within Calculate context.
I guess similar to the Time Intelligence course something purely focused on a detailed level “Calculate dax”

I’ve seen a lot of content online, youtube and others, only explains calculate at FILTER, ALL level.
And not much online which shows a truely detailed level of using CALCULATE with other dax functions.



Yes you’re correct CALCULATE is the most important function in DAX without a doubt.

Most of the functions you have listed there are covered in certain areas within module at Enterprise DNA Online.

In saying that though nearly all upcoming content releases with always have CALCULATE examples, it’s just inevitable with any advanced tutorials.

Check out these modules for many examples around what you’re looking to review.