UseRelationship Not Working

Hi ,

I have the below model on Tabular Model where the date is linked to the Date closed in the claim policy.

however, when i try to browse using the month, i get nothing in the months

First of all, i am filtering to where claims is Property ( using one of the videos )

Property Applications:= CALCULATE(COUNTROWS(ClaimsPolicy),ClaimsPolicy[Line of Business] ="Commercial Property")


Applications by Closed Date:=CALCULATE([Property Applications] , USERELATIONSHIP('Date'[Date],ClaimsPolicy[Date Closed]))

Then nothing happens when i drag the month to it, is there something i am doing wrong



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Everything looks good from the pictures you attached, but in cases like this you need to upload a sample PBIX file so we can determine what else is going on.


Hello @alora101,

The measure seems correct but you are checking the end result WITHOUT a filter context.
When Analyze in Excel try using in the Pivot table the weeks on rows and the measures in the values and see whether you have the same result.
Before that just make sure the “Date Closed” column type is Date exactly like the the Date[Date] column type.

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Hi All,

I am building this in TABULAR MODEL ANALYSIS SERVICES and not power BI MODEL.

i have the correct data type but still dont know what else to do.

@Christian. I have done that still getting same result

I would try to build another test Model just with the Date and Claim tables, re-do the measures and test again there.


Just did and still same.

Sorry to hear that :frowning:
Next step I would do a sample model in PBI just to test it … and if it wouldn’t work either I would go to a consultant.

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