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Usage Report Metrics log


Power BI online only shows Usage Report Metrics for the last 30 days.
I want to build a dataset with a wider date range.
I thought about creating a Power Automate flow that runs daily to store the Usage Report Metrics in a SharePoint folder and use it to create my Power BI reports.
The problem is: I don’t know how to create this flow.

Do you have any clues or can you point me in some direction?


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This might help you @JoaoMonteiro

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You will have to set up roundtrip workflow:
Step 1: Set up “Analyze in Excel” workbook with a connection to Usage Report dataset and create a table with all required/relevant and save this file in OneDrive.
Step 2: Set up a Scheduled Refresh to a new Dataflow/dataset to import the data from this Excel file on OneDrive once every 30 days as an incremental refresh.
Step 3: Set up an automatic refresh of the connected Excel Table using Power Automate and Office Scripts or using Power Automate Desktop every 30 days days just before the Scheduled Refresh in Step 2.
Step 4: Create your own Usage Metrics Report based on the Dataflow/dataset from Step 2 and set up a scheduled refresh of once in 30 days just after the refresh cycle in Step 2 is completed.

Hope this helps!



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