Unpivot question

I have a table that has userid and project id going down, and month going across, with 3 values per month.

Picture something like this:

userid project id jan actl hrs jan fcst hrs jan pct feb actl hrs feb fcst hrs feb pct
aa123a proj1 12 5 20% 41 30 30%
aa123a proj2 14 7 18% 45 40 35%
bb123a proj1 5 1 1% 17 25 19%
bb123a proj3 55 50 28% 33 27 17%

I could unpivot the whole lot, but my problem is that I want the hours formatted as integers, and the percentages formatted as percentages.

I don’t know how to make that happen with simple attribute/value pairs resulting from unpivot.

Alternatively, I thought about making the data look like this:

userid project id month actl hrs fcst hrs pct
aa123a proj1 jan 12 5 20.00%
aa123a proj1 feb 22 30 30.00%
aa123a proj2 jan 14 7 18.00%
aa123a proj2 feb 33 40 35.00%
bb123a proj1 jan 5 1 1.00%
bb123a proj1 feb 11 25 19.00%
bb123a proj3 jan 55 50 28.00%
bb123a proj3 feb 33 27 17.00%

But I don’t know how to make that happen using unpivot either.

Any suggestions?

Dont see why this cant be done. Any chance you upload a sample of what the data is and then something that shows what you would want the data to be? It’s hard to see exactly in the data above.



pivot & unpivot data.xlsx (11.3 KB)

didn’t know i could actually upload files. here ya go!

I think this should do it. Here’s the final output

There’s a parameter for the file location, be sure to change that. Also, not sure what the “% pct” column is, but generally those types of calculations are better in DAX vs. in Power Query/Calculated column

EDNA Unpivot.pbix (12.8 KB)


What a fascinating set of data manipulations! merge, transpose, uinpivot, split, merge, pivot…
I can honestly say I would never have thought of that on my own.


After a while you see the same basic patterns, just a different wrinkle here and there. And please don’t think for one second I did that all in one try. Took a few “lets see what this does” type of things.


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